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Presentation, Newshour SvH 2012

Diagnosis of endometritis.

Endometritis in the mare: A diagnostic study comparing cultures from swab and biopsy.

Diagnosis of Endometritis in the Mare Based on Bacteriological and Cytological Examinations of the Endometrium.

Diagnosis of equine endometritis – Microbiology, cytology and histology of endometrial biopsies and the correlation to fertility.

Diagnosis of equine endometritis.

Diagnosis and treatment of acute endometritis.

Accuracy of ultrasound-guided intra-articular injection of cervical facet joints in horses: a cadaveric study. Equine Vet.J. 35. 7. 657-661.

Ultrasonography of the equine cervical region: a descriptive study in eight horses. Equine Vet.J. 35. 7. 647-655.

Intra- and inter-observer reliability of arthroscopic quantification of chondropathy and synovial changes in horses with osteochondral fragments in the tibiotarsal joint. In Press.

Acute Phase Response to Surgery of Varying Intensity in Horses. Vet.Surg. 38. 6. 762-769.

Accuracy of ultrasound-guided injections of thoracolumbar articular process joints in horses: A cadaveric study. Equine Vet.J.41.1. 00-00.

Endometritis of the Mare

Endometritis in the mare.- The value of swab and biopsy for bacteriological, cytological and histological examination

Equine spermatozoa viability comparing the NucleoCounter SP-100 and the eosin-nigrozin stain

Factors associated with fertility in horses in a Danish equine practice after artificial insemination with frozen-thawed semen

Results of bacteriological and cytological examinations of the endometrium of mares in a practice in Denmark and in Central Kentucky, USA

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